2017-2018 Planning Seminars Announced


1)    Wednesday 27th September, 2017 – 12.30p.m. – 2p.m, Dr. Richard Waldron,

"Capitalizing on the Urban Debtscape: Financialization in Post-Crisis Contexts.", CHAIR, Dr. Linda Price, (Internal School Seminar), Room Elmwood 01.009, Sandwich lunch from 12.30p.m.


2)    Wednesday 22nd November, 2017 – 12.30 – 2p.m.

 Prof. Rassem Khamais, University of Haifa, Room TBC, CHAIR, Dr. Phil Boland,  Room: Elmwood 01.009 "Planning challenges under condition of Sophisticated Matrix of Control", Sandwich lunch from 12.30p.m


3) Wednesday 7th February, 12.30-1.45 p.m.

Dr. Deepti Adlakha, ‘Liveable Cities, Liveable Lives: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Urban'

Planning and Health’, Chair: Dr. Linda Price, DKB, and Planning Seminar Room 003/05, sandwich lunch 12.30p.m.


In this seminar, Deepti will present her interdisciplinary research exploring person-in-environment interactions and human behaviours from the perspectives of architecture, urban design and public health. The seminar will incorporate the following themes using a range of project examples:

  • Healthy Places: Understanding the impact of the design of cities, outdoor public spaces and streets on health and well-being.
  • Active Living: Studying characteristics of walkable environments and influences on health behaviours (physical activity, recreation), travel decisions, and commuting mode choices.
  • Sustainable Lifestyles: Promoting the proactive designing of environments that nudge people to make healthier selections while still retaining freedom of choice


4) Thursday 12th April, 2p.m. CHAIR Prof. Aileen Stockdale, Room OG33 Elmwood (In conjunction with  SNBE Culture and Society Research Cluster)

Professor Thoroddur Bjarnason, Professor of Sociology, from the University of Akureyri (Iceland) will give a seminar presentation entitled: 'Ruralities in Icelandic cinema' .


5) Wednesday 2nd May, 1-2p.m.,Walkable Neighbourhoods, Physical Activity, and Obesity: The Malaysian Experience’ Dr. YiYi Lang (ProfileUnited Nations University International Institute for Global Health, Malaysia 

Room 003/05 Sandwich lunch, 12.30p.m.

In this seminar, Yi Yi will present her research on neighbourhood walkability in urban areas in Malaysia and its influence on physical activity and obesity. She will discuss the challenges and potential of neighbourhood environmental attributes in improving total physical activity, health, and well-being – especially in a country where the prevalence of overweight and obesity is the highest in Asia and where majority of its people are physically inactive.

In line with many countries’ efforts towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the session will also reflect the importance of physical activity and active living in achieving SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) and other SDGs.

*If time permits, Yi Yi will demonstrate the Pillow Dumbbell Exercise – of which she is a certified trainer, among her efforts to promote well-being and prevent sedentary lifestyle at home and in the workplace.

Chair: Dr. Deepti Adlakha


6)      Wednesday 9th May, 12,30p.m. – 1p.m.

Dr. Nikita Sud, Professor Development Studies, University of Oxford

Chair: Dr. Urmi Sengupta, Sandwich lunch 12.30pm., ROOM 003/05

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