Key Academic Contacts

School Management Board

Professor Nola Hewitt-Dundas

Head of School (acting)

Mrs Sonia O’Hare

School Manager

Dr Shirley-Ann Hazlett

Director of Education

Dr Geoff Simmons

Director of Research

Dr Youwei Li

Director of Graduate Studies

Dr Patrick McCole

Director of Internationalisation

Professor Ciaran Connolly

Subject Leader in Accounting

Professor Duncan McVicar

Subject Leader in Economics

Professor Donal McKillop

Subject Leader in Finance

Professor Paul Teague

Subject Leader in Management

Dr Hilary Downey

Staff Representative

Undergraduate Programme Directors

Mr Martin Kelly

BSc Accounting

Mr Mark Farrell

BSc Actuarial Science and Risk Management

Dr Chris Colvin

BSc Business Economics & BSc Economics

Dr Gareth Campbell

BSc Finance

Dr Stephanie Graham

BSc Business Management

Dr Kieran Conroy

BSc International Business with a Language

Postgraduate Programme Directors

Professor Mark Palmer

Postgraduate Research

Dr Mariannunziata Liguori

MSc Accounting and Finance

Dr Barry Quinn

MSc Quantitative Finance

Professor Rob Gilles

MSc Economics

Dr Christopher Coyle

MSc Finance

Dr Niall Cullinane

MSc Human Resource Management

Dr Jelena Vlajic

MSc International Business

Dr Hilary Downey

MSc Management

Professor Mark Palmer

MSc Marketing

Dr Clive Walker

MSc Risk and Investment Management

Dr Kate Kenny

Executive MBA

Dr Kate Kenny

International MBA

Student Guidance

Dr Danielle McConville

Adviser of Study (BSc Accounting)

Mr Neil McConville

Adviser of Study (BSc Actuarial Science and Risk Management)


Adviser of Study (BSc Business Management)

Dr Mark McGovern

Adviser of Study (BSc Business Economics)

Dr Graham Brownlow

Adviser of Study (BSc Economics)

Dr Declan French

Adviser of Study (BSc Finance)

Dr Stephanie Graham

Advisor of Study (BSc International Business with a Language)

Dr Matthias Blum

Disabilities Officer

Dr Shirley-Ann Hazlett

Careers Liaison Officer

Examination Officers

Mrs Patricia McCourt Larres

BSc Accounting

Ms Gillian McMahon

BSc Actuarial Science and Risk Management & BSc Finance

Dr Chirantan Ganguly

BSc Business Economics & BSc Economics

Dr Joanne Murphy

BSc International Business with a Language & BSc Business Management

Engagement, placement and impact

Ms Lisa Burns

Placement Co-ordinator

Ms Jill McGrath

Placement Co-ordinator

Mrs Tracey Spence

Placement Support

Dr Subhadip Chakrabarti

Erasmus Co-ordinator

Dr Joanne Murphy

Impact Champion