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Members of QSMF win Irish CFA Research Challenge competition

Queen’s Student Managed Fund (QSMF) seeks to achieve positive returns through superior stock selection using quantitative and qualitative fundamental analysis. This is a real money student managed investment fund. The goal is to achieve consistent long term positive returns by optimally managing downside risk. The Fund seeks to mitigate risk through sufficient diversification and through a series of strict rules and procedures.

Students may apply to be an analyst or a member of the student committee. Students make all investment decisions provided they adhere to the Fund’s investment policy as determined by an Oversight Committee of academic staff.

Although each class will manage the fund for two semesters (autumn and spring), decisions should be consistent with a longer time horizon. The Fund can invest in equities (UK only); OEICs; Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs); and cash. Financial leverage must not be used nor can the Fund enter short positions.

Queen’s is one of only a handful of UK and Irish Universities offering students such an experience ensuring they have more of an edge in the global jobs market. The Fund will also help raise the profile of Queen’s Management School on the international stage and will have a charitable ethos.

The Fund’s dealing account is held with the Davy Group, Ireland's leading provider of wealth management, asset management, capital markets and financial advisory services. 

"The SMF was the real talking point in interviews; as soon as I had explained the concept I found that interviewers really focused in on it. The SMF helped me further build my understanding of investing but also taught me key management and organisational skills."
Mohamad Musa, Chief Investment Officer
BSc Economics with Finance


  • The Fund provides a valuable and practical learning experience where textbook theory becomes tangible and relevant.
  • The structure of the Fund, with its hierarchy means that you will be able to sharpen a wide range of skills, from communication and persuasion to delegation and critical evaluation.
  • The Fund will improve your employability in areas such as equity research and investment banking, and business in general, due to the real life, practical experience and responsibility gained from managing a pool of money.
  • You will have the opportunity to pitch to portfolio managers
  • The Fund is incorporated into the teaching of certain postgraduate degree modules.

For further information please email tradingroom@qub.ac.uk


The Queen’s Student Managed Fund is open to any QUB student from any discipline. You may either apply for an analyst role (where you will analyse current holdings and potential investments to determine whether to buy, hold or sell) or a student committee role (where you will be responsible for the portfolio’s holdings as well as managing the student body). After you have been allocated a position, you will have to pay a membership fee of £5.  

To apply for an analyst role, you don’t need any experience or knowledge in investing (although of course these help), but you will need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn investment appraisal, support your team and produce reports. You can choose which sector team you would like to be part of (for example industrials, financials etc) but this cannot be guaranteed. Stronger applicants may be assigned the role of sector head, where you must manage a team of analysts.

To apply for a student committee role, you must have some level of experience and knowledge in investment and ideally some management skills. You will be managing the sector heads, doing research of your own, making important decisions and reporting to the academic oversight committee (group of academics who ensure decisions are consistent with our investment guidelines).


As Northern Ireland's first real money student managed fund, and one of the largest in the UK and Ireland, this student focused initiative creates real world investment management experience in an academic setting. The fund is designed around three key areas: student employability, international reputation and corporate social responsibility. In donating to the fund you are enhancing student development in these three areas. Please click here to make a donation (any amount is most welcome).

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