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Members of QSMF win Irish CFA Research Challenge competition

Queen’s Student Managed Fund (QSMF) provides students with the opportunity to manage and operate a real-money investment portfolio. Established in 2012, the fund transitioned to a real money fund in April 2016. Students currently manage funds in excess of £35,000 through Davy Group, Ireland's leading provider of wealth management, asset management, capital markets and financial advisory services.

The primary aim of the fund is to develop skills, provide practical experience, and to enhance career opportunities. Using the FinTrU Trading Room, students make all investment decisions with guidance provided by the faculty Oversight Committee.

Queen’s is one of only a handful of UK and Irish Universities offering students such an experience ensuring they have more of an edge in the global jobs market. As a fund, we seek to achieve consistent long term positive returns by optimally managing downside risk in an responsible manner.

The hierarchical structure of the fund creates opportunities for students with varying levels of experience, and also for progression within the fund. Active participation in the fund has been instrumental in helping fund members secure highly competitive roles, with recent alumni have secured positions in companies such as Davy, Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, Rothschild & Co and BNY Mellon.

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The SMF was the real talking point in interviews; as soon as I had explained the concept I found that interviewers really focused in on it. The SMF helped me further build my understanding of investing but also taught me key management and organisational skills. Mohamad Musa, Chief Investment Officer
BSc Economics with Finance


Highlights include:

    • Annual General Meeting
    • Industry Hosted Pitching Events
    • Annual Report
    • Technical training (Bloomberg Market Concepts)
    • Peer learning opportunities
    • Soft skill development
    • Networking opportunities with industry professionals


Fund Performance

Details of the fund’s activities, investments and performance can be downloaded here:

Annual report 2017/18

Annual report 2016/17

Annual report 2015/16 

Student Managed Fund Brochure 


Queen's Student Managed Fund is open to all QUB students from any discipline and level of study. Roles within the fund are Analyst, Senior Analyst, Sector Head and Executive Committee Member. As with other QUB clubs and societies, a membership fee of £5 applies. 

To apply for an analyst role, you don't need any experience or knowledge of investing (although of course these help), but you will need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn, support your team and produce reports. You can choose which sector team you would like to be part of (for example industrials, financials etc) but this cannot be guaranteed. 

To apply for a student executive committee role, you must have some level of experience and knowledge in investment and ideally some management skills. 

Applications for 2019/20 are now closed. Should you wish to participate in the SMF please email