QUTIC is a large and active society with the aim of educating its members on trading and investing through guest speakers, competitions and educational seminars. Membership is actively encouraged amongst management school students studying a finance related degree programme but we also welcome and encourage membership from everyone within the university with an interest in the financial markets. QUTIC is recognised in Route A of Degree Plus. Please click here for more information.


Membership costs only £5 for a year. If you have missed sign up you may pay at the next meeting:

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Guest speaker: Chris Power from Davy stockbrokers 

For any enquiries please get in touch: tradingclub@qub.ac.uk.

Guest Speakers

Each semester we invite professionals from the world of finance to give talks to our members. These talks are extremely informative and educational. Guest speakers talk about topics related to their role, what their job consists of and how to make it in finance. Members have the opportunity to ask questions and network with the guest speaker at the end of the presentation usually over a slice of pizza!

Educational Presentations

Members of staff present to students on certain topics relating to trading and investing. For example, members have been educated on technical analysis, how to use the Interactive Brokers and IG platforms, and how to understand option trading. Staff work closely with the QUTIC committee and will put on classes as requested.


The best way to learn how to trade and invest is through practice. We run a series of competitions throughout the year.

  • The Interactive Brokers investing competition sees participants start off with $1m virtual cash which they must invest in a variety of assets over the course of the semester. 
  • The Oxyor market trader simulation puts students in the seat of a dealing room trader. Students can play market maker and market taker, trying to profit from the bid ask spread and from the market direction all at the same time! This competition is short, fast paced and lots of fun.
  • The CFA Equity Research Challenge involves producing a detailed analyst report on an assigned company and presenting recommendations to a panel of judges in Dublin. This competition is limited to 5 students (for more information, please email: Aine.Gallagher@qub.ac.uk).