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Integrity is one of the core values of Queen’s Management School (QMS) and this informs the actions of both staff and students. At QMS we are committed to developing leaders who transform business and society, and who do so in full cognisance of their ethical, social and environmental responsibilities.

Concern for Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability is reflected across all aspects of our work at QMS.

About Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability

At QMS we approach Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS) across three interconnected pillars: Education, Research, and Society.

  • Education refers to the embedding of ERS across all programmes offered at QMS.
  • Research concerns the School’s outputs and activities within the specific areas of ERS.  
  • Society reflects our relationships with external stakeholders, including the business community, politicians and policy makers, third sector organisations, schools and colleges, the media, and members of the general public.



Ethics, responsibility, and sustainability are addressed within all of the degree programmes offered at Queen’s Management School. This is achieved through dedicated modules, such as Business Ethics, which requires students to develop their own podcast analysing contemporary ethical issues within a real world organisation, as well as the consideration of ERS across a broad range of other subject areas, including Supply Chain Management, Financial Institutions and Markets, Public Economics, and many more.




Queen’s Management School has a long tradition of engaging in research concerning issues such as ethics, responsibility and sustainability. Recent examples include Dr Lucy McCarthy’s work on equitable supply chains, Dr Mark McGovern’s analysis of the long run economic effects of childhood malnutrition in collaboration with UNICEF, and Patricia McCourt Larres’ consideration of accounting ethics and education. Our ERS related research will be explored further in our new blog.




Our mission at Queen’s Management School is to equip leaders to transform local and global business and society through education and research. We are committed to promoting ethics, responsibility and sustainability through our engagement activities. This takes a wide variety of forms, including hosting events, working with businesses, engaging with policy makers, supporting communities, and developing resources. For example, in September 2018 we hosted a meeting of the Northern Ireland Business and Human Rights Forum, where Louise Nicholl, Corporate Head of Human Rights, Food Sustainability and Food Packaging for Marks & Spencer, discussed the organisation’s approach to respecting and protecting human rights.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

PRME and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2017, Queen’s Management School became a signatory to the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME).

PRME is a United Nations-supported initiative founded in 2007 as a platform to raise the profile of sustainability in schools around the world, and to equip today’s business students with the understanding and ability to deliver change tomorrow. Working through Six Principles, PRME engages business and management schools to ensure they provide future leaders with the skills needed to balance economic and sustainability goals, while drawing attention to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aligning academic institutions with the work of the UN Global Compact.

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ERS Blog


The QMS Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Blog

The QMS ERS Blog exists to share information on our educational activities, research output, and societal engagement in relation to ethics, responsibility and sustainability in a fast, informative and accessible way.

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ERS Resources

Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Teaching and Learning Resources

As part of our commitment to promoting ERS within management education we are developing and making available free teaching and learning resources, starting with a podcast. The QMS Good Business Podcast goes beyond the bottom line and asks, what does it mean to be a ‘good’ business?

ERS Resources



Are you ready to become an ambassador for ethics and human rights in business?

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QMS Good Business Podcast Episode 5 - 
The Role of HR in Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace  

(Featuring: Jill Minne, Strategic HR Director for the Northern Ireland Civil Service;  
Laura Steele, Queen’s Management School; and Denise Currie, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of the MSc in Human Resource Management at Queen’s Management School)

QMS Good Business Podcast Episode 4 - 
Data Ethics - Is it all in The Detail? 

(Featuring: Kathryn Torney, The Detail;  
Laura Steele, Queen’s Management School; and Byron Graham, Queen’s Management School)

QMS Good Business Podcast Episode 3 - 
Sustainability in TV Production 

(Featuring: Jeremy Mathieu, International Manager, BAFTA Albert, and
Laura Steele, Queen’s Management School)

QMS Good Business Podcast Episode 2 - 
Social Enterprise featuring Madlug.

(Featuring: Dave Linton, MADLUG; Karen Bonner, Queen’s Management School;
and Laura Steele, Queen’s Management School)

QMS Good Business Podcast Episode 1 - 
Ethics, Human Rights, and Sustainability at M&S.

(Featuring: Glenn Bradley, NIBHRF; Laura Steele, Queen’s Management School;
and Louise Nicholl, Marks and Spencer)