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The Centre for Irish Business and Economic Performance (CIBEP), located in Queen's Management School, consists of an interdisciplinary community of scholars interested in Irish (north and south) business, economic and social performance. The Centre aims to assist Ireland in building a stronger society through engaging in research-informed debate and offering advice aimed at realising improved business, economic and social conditions.

The Centre fosters a research agenda engaging a broad range of stakeholders that leads to fresh thinking on business, economic and social performance in Ireland. The Centre stimulates discussion on these topics and provides an informed, independent voice led through high quality research. The Centre acts as a platform for the dissemination of our research through academic, business and popular media outlets. It also fosters close relations and facilitates networking opportunities with relevant communities inside and outside Government, including members of the business community, trade unions and civic organisations across the public, private and third sectors. The Centre also develops new ideas on the structure, conduct and performance of the Irish economies, both north and south.

The Centre offers frequent seminars and workshops to provide researchers, professionals, policy-makers and students the opportunity to collaborate and reflect on the past to assist in understanding the present and consequently influence and change the future. 


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