February 2018


3.30pm  Ramsey Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Unconventional Monetary Policy  Shifu Jiang  University of Surrey  Economics Lecture Theatre 


2pm Who decides whether I should stay or go? Structure and agency in teachers' work-retirement transition in Germany and the UK Heike Schroder QMS Management Boardroom


9.30am Recent accounting reforms in the public sector: Experiences from UK central government Ciaran Connolly and Elaine Stewart QMS Accounting BDO Library
09/02/2018 1.30pm  A Financial Atlas of the Netherlands: Wealth, Inequality and Asset Allocation in 1921  Amaury de Vicq de Cumptich & Ruden Peeters  Utrecht University  QUCEH  BDO Library 
14/02/2018  1pm  Private Contracting, Law and Finance  Gareth Campbell  QMS  Finance  BDO Library 
16/02/2018  3.30pm  Hierarchical Games with Aggregate Uncertainty  Lina Mallozzi  University of Naples Federico II  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
21/02/2018  1pm  Insurtech, Wearables & Adverse Selection  Mark Farrell  QMS  Finance BDO Library 
21/02/2018 1pm Mentoring receipt and protege job performance: In search for the elusive relationship Niko Bozionelos EM Lyon Business School Management Boardroom
28/02/2018 1pm Betting = Finance? Dominic Cortis University of Malta Finance Syndicate room 6

March 2018

02/03/2018 3.30pm  Communication Networks, Externalities and Price of Information   Arnold Polanski  University of East Anglia  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
07/03/2018 1pm Who Consumes the Credit Union Tax Subsidy? Michael Dowling ESC Rennes School of Business Finance Lecture Room 4
09/03/2018 10.30am Two Decades of Shadow Toll Roads in the UK and Spain: An Evaluation of the Financial Performance Anne Stafford University of Manchester Accounting BDO Library
09/03/2018 12pm Estimating Veterans Health Benefit Grants Using the Generalized Linear Mixed Cluster-Weighted Model with incomplete Data Petar Jevtic Arizona State University CHaRMS BDO Library
09/03/2018 3pm Estimating the Recession Mortality Relationship When Migration Matters Arthi Vellore University of Essex QUCEH BDO Library
09/03/2018 3.30pm Early illicit Drug Use and the Age of onset of Homelessness Duncan McVicar QMS Economics Lecture Theatre
16/03/2018 3.30pm The Really Dismal Science: Economics and Suicidality Alan Collins Nottingham Trent University Economics Lecture Theatre
21/03/2018 1pm Portfolio Optimization and Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Constrained Investors Lei Shi Macquarie University Finance Syndicate Room 6
21/03/2018 2pm Institutional Voids and MNE's: Healthcare in Bangladesh Matthew Allen University of Manchester Management Boardroom
23/03/2018 1.30pm Autocratic Rule and Socail Capital: Evidence from Imperial China Mark Koyama George Mason University QUCEH BDO Library
23/03/2018 3.30pm Dynamics of Retirement: Evidence from the English Longitudinal Study Ageing 2002-2015 Anne Devlin QUB Economics BDO Library
23/03/2018 11am Accounting for the Common Good Sheila Killian & Philip O'Regan University of Limerick Accounting Boardroom
26/03/2018 3pm Work in the Financialized Organisation Jean Cushen NUI Maynooth Management Boardroom

April 2018

13/04/2018 10.30am  Funding Opportunities for Accounting Research  Susan Rossey  CAEIT  Accounting BDO Library 
13/04/2018 11am Impacts of Performance Audit in Public Administration Age Johnsen Oslo University College Accounting BDO Library
18/04/2018 1pm TBC Ralph de Haas European Bank for Development and Reconstruction Finance Syndicate Room 6
19/04/2018 1pm TBC Simone Cerroni QUB CHaRMS BDO Library
20/04/2018 1pm   Aliza Wu   Finance Syndicate Room 2
20/04/2018 1.30pm   Kim Oosterlinck Universite Libre de Bruxelles QUCEH BDO Library
20/04/2018 3.30pm Does Reducing Unemployment Benefits During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment? Evidence from a 50% Cut in Unemplyment Assistance Olive Sweetman Maynooth University Economics Lecture Theatre
20/04/2018 11am Management Control/Accounting Change Kalle Kraus Stockholm school of Economics Accounting Boardroom
25/04/2018 11am Corporate Finance Workshop Jens Hagendoff University of Edinburgh Finance Lecture Room 2


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