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Ciara Loughlin


"My Degree was BSc (Hons) Joint Economics and Management graduated 2010 with a first.  

I am currently employed by Sperrin Metal Products, Draperstown, Co. Derry.  My job title is Office Sales Executive and my role includes sales, marketing, customer service, credit control to name but a few.

Further to studying marketing through my management course I wanted to work in an environment where there was an element of marketing. 




Without my degree I would not be in the position I am today. A degree from Queen’s University is very highly acknowledged by businesses. My degree gave me a great understanding of the business environment and the turbulences of the economy which I now see in practice especially as I work within the construction industry. Also through group work at university I was able to develop my interpersonal skills which are of great assistance to me not only for my interview but also on a daily basis where I have gained great confidence to speak to clients and deal effectively with any queries they may have. 

If I was to complete my degree again, I would definitely recommend that students undertake a voluntary placement.  This not only looks good for your CV when it comes to applying for jobs but also would give you firsthand experience of the topics you are studying- you can see theory in practice.  

I most definitely would recommend this course, I did find it challenging but this only encouraged me to work harder. The lecturers/tutors I met while on this course were great.  They would go out of their way to help, I never felt afraid to speak out or ask questions- they actively encouraged us to do so.  Queen's University enabled me to meet a lot of new friends.  I would recommend the university itself as the facilities Queen's has to offer is outstanding and also because the moment you say you went to Queen's people are impressed- especially potential employers. 

I went to Loreto College, Coleraine Co. Derry."