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Kevin O'Reilly


I feel privileged to be among the first cohort of students to graduate from the Actuarial Science and Risk Management degree programme. The course remained challenging and interesting across all four years. I appreciated the strong foundations that were built in first year in areas including statistics, finance and economics which really eased the progression to more specialised actuarial modules in later years.


The programme allowed me to meet many new people and learn from many approachable and genial staff from both the Management and Mathematics school and I always felt throughout my time that I had a strong support network available. The Placement Office in particular were an invaluable resource in securing a full time placement and throughout my placement year were available for any queries or advice, ensuring that although I was working in an external company I still retained the strong links with Queen's. The placement year is definitely one of the main attractions of the degree and I can say that after attending several interviews as part of graduate recruitment processes really does provide the essential experience and skills that employees are searching for.

I am happy to say that after hard work and determination I have achieved a First Class Honours in my degree and have been awarded Best Student at each stage of the degree. This is largely due to the lecturers and tutors that made the material both accessible and interesting. I would recommend the degree to any students thinking of a career as an actuary as I now both the academic grounding to help in later professional examinations and the experience of working in an actuarial environment to develop the skills and interest needed to succeed.


I completed a three month summer internship at the end of my first year with Allstate Insurance Company outside Chicago. Throughout the summer I learned a lot about pricing various lines of insurance and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the windy city. I was subsequently offered a placement year position in the Belfast office for my third year ad was heavily involved in establishing the actuarial department in Northern Ireland. I completed many diverse analytical projects for different states and departments and completed a rotation within the Quantitative Analytics and Research Division.


Upon graduation I am pleased to say I have secured a full time graduate position with Allianz Insurance Company in Guildford, England and am sure that all that I learned in my various university modules and practical experience from placement will facilitate a smooth transition into the working environment.