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Lisa Bartley


Miss  Lisa Bartley ACMA

BSc Economics 2005

Employer:  Deloitte

Job Title: Finance Management Consultant

Based: London

“I took a year out of my degree once obtained a successful Student Placement Year at HM Treasury London.  I then gained a place on the graduate scheme with Deloitte.  With Deloitte I transferred from their Belfast office to London and completed my Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy (CIMA) qualification. 



The degree has provided me with the business acumen and team work capabilities to firmly progress upwards in my career and is seen as a degree from a highly reputable University.

I would recommend Queen’s University as it is a highly reputable university which instills a sense of pride in you while studying there, great Halls of Residence, excellent sports opportunities (I rowed), attentive and  professional lecturers and the best time of your life for meeting true friends and having fun!

I was Faculty and School representative which I would recommend taking up as it gives you good public speaking experience and the opportunity for you to voice concerns/opinions for your peers.

Advice to students - Don't be afraid to ask your questions out loud either in lecture theatres or tutorials as it's likely everyone else is thinking something similar.  Help your fellow students out if you understand an area they are not so sure about, they'll help you out in the future!”

School attended: Mount Lourdes Grammar School, Enniskillen