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Victoria Maier


"I studied my undergraduate degree at Queen's University in BSc Accounting and graduated in July 2009. I received a 1st Class Honours and was awarded Best Graduate BSc Accounting for my year.

I was also awarded: Best Second year student in BSc Accounting (2008); Best Financial Accounting (ACC2004/3010) (2009); and Best Student in Auditing (ACC3009) (2009)


I worked for 1 ½  years after graduating with an accounting firm but decided instead to do a PhD when the opportunity arose.

My degree from Queen's gave me the opportunity to enter the workplace and also allowed me to start my PhD here at Queen's University (or at another university if that is what I would have liked).

I commenced my PhD in March 2011 with Queen’s University Management School, and it is in the accounting area looking specifically at public private partnerships.

I would recommend Queen's University, I would also recommend the BSc Accounting degree. Specifically at Queen's there was always a lot to do and good facilties including societies for example. In relation to the degree the lecturers are very knowledgeable and were very helpful and supportive anytime I had questions. Even since starting my PhD the same staff have been very helpful to me and I am working under the supervision of one of my old lecturers. An accounting degree opens up many opportunities and does not mean you have to enter into the qualified accountant/ professional exam route.

I attended school in Cork, in the Republic of Ireland."