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Student Support

The University has a well-established and responsive system of student support and guidance, including:

The full range of student support services and be accessed from the Student Services website.

Personal Tutor

The School operates a personal tutor system.  During Semester 1, you will be assigned to a member of staff who will act as your personal tutor.  The aim of this system is to give you better access to full-time staff in the School and to allow you to establish a rapport with this member of staff.

You will be formally invited to see your personal tutor once during each semester in Stage 1 and annually in Stages 2 and 3.  You can arrange to see your personal tutor more often than this if you wish, either during their office hours or by making an appointment.

Your personal tutor may give advice on the following:

  • Academic matters
  • Issues related to careers and/or prospective placements
  • University policies and practice.

The personal tutor system is not a counselling service for serious personal or related problems.  If you are experiencing problems you should inform your personal tutor and he/she can then refer you to the appropriate University support service.