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Undergraduate Module Outlines

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ACC1001   Introductory Accounting I
ACC1002   Accounting for Non-Specialists
ACC1005   Introduction to Legal Study and Basic Contract Law  
ACC1003   Introductory Accounting II
ACC1004   Accounting Information Systems   

ACC2001   Introduction to Legal Study and Basic Contract Law
ACC2004   Financial Accounting
ACC2007   Accounting for Managers in an International Context
ACC2005   Management Accounting

ACC3010   Advanced Financial Accounting
ACC3014   Issues in not-for-profit and public sector accounting
ACC3009   Auditing and Accountability
ACC3011   Advanced Management Accounting
ACC3012   Taxation
ACC3024   Law of Business Organisations

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Actuarial Science and Risk Management

ECO1001   Principles of Economics
FIN1003     Financial Reporting and Analysis
SOR1001   Introduction to Probability and Operational Research  
ECO1010   Market Theory for Non-Economists 
FIN1013    Actuarial Mathematics
SOR1002   Statistical Methods 

FIN2010     Investment Analysis
FIN2017     Actuarial methods in General Insurance
FIN2011     Mutual and Pension Fund Management
FIN2012     Principles of Actuarial Modelling
FIN2014     Monetary Theory
FIN2001     Placement Learning

SOR3012   Stochastic Processes
FIN3013    Capital Markets
FIN3018    Financial Econometrics
FIN3019    Actuarial Modelling
FIN3017    Financial Engineering
FIN3020    Fixed Income Instruments

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ECO1004   Mathematics for Economists
ECO1001   Principles of Economics
ECO1003   Statistical Methods
ECO1002   Market Theory
ECO1007   Economics of Organisations (Mgt students only)
ECO1008   Applied Economics - Understanding the Economy
ECO1009   Quantitative Analysis 
ECO1010   Market Theory for Non-Economists

ECO2001   Economic Growth Theory
ECO2002   Economic Policy for Business
ECO2003   Economic Policy
ECO2011   Game Theory with Economic Applications
ECO2008   Introductory Economics
ECO2009   Managerial Economics  
ECO2012   Industrial Organisation
ECO2023   Quantitative Business Methods

ECO3013   Advanced Business Economics 
ECO3014   International Trade & Development
ECO3015   Applied Econometrics      
ECO3031   Advanced Macroeconomics 
ECO3012   Public Economics 
ECO3019   Labour Economics 
ECO3020   Economic History
ECO3021   Economics Dissertation
ECO3032   Advanced Microeconomics

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FIN1001   Financial Instruments and Markets
FIN1002   Mathematics for Finance
FIN1003   Financial Reporting and Analysis
FIN1004   Instruments, Markets and Institutions

FIN2006   Financial Decision Making
FIN2008   Financial Market Theory
FIN2010   Investment Analysis
FIN2014   Monetary Theory 
FIN2001   Placement Learning

FIN3013   Capital Markets
FIN3015   International Finance
FIN3016   Corporate Finance
FIN3017   Financial Engineering
FIN3018   Financial Econometrics

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MGT1006    History and Philosophy of Management
MGT1007    Global Business Environment
MGT1009    Organisations and Behaviour
MGT1010    Information and Organisations

MGT2002   Principles of Marketing
MGT2005   Operations Management
MGT2009   Business Research Methods 
MGT2008   Managerial Behaviour (Accounting only)  
MGT2011   International Business
MGT2013   Human Resource Management

MGT3002   IBML Placement year
MGT3004   Applied International Business (IBML)
MGT3008   Entrepreneurship
MGT3011   Managing Innovation
MGT3013   Supply Chain Management
MGT3022   Business Analysis
MGT3023   International Business Strategy
MGT3026   Changing Organisations
MGT3028   Contemporary Issues in Management
MGT3012   Business Ethics  
MGT3018   Public Sector Management 
MGT3019   Business Strategy

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Information Systems

ISY3008   Information Systems in Organisations
ISY3009   Information Policy

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