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Assessment of your work

Assessment Procedures

A range of methods will be used to assess your learning experience. Normally most modules comprise at least one assignment (continuous assessment) and an end-of-module exam. Essay and report writing allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding, analytical and critical thinking, and writing skills. Short answer and multiplechoice formats assess the breadth of your knowledge. Case study work (both indivually and in a group) including for example, critiqing research papers, preparing reports for management/investors, oral presentations and IT based assessments are also used.

Explicit assessment criteria are used to measure the learning outcomes/objectives for each module. These are clearly oulined in general in the student handbook and subject specific information is provided in the associated module documentation, distributed at the outset of the module.

The School operates rigorous assessment procedures to ensure and consistency both within and across modules. After all the exams have been marked by the Module Co-ordinator, another member of staff is given full access to all assessed work (exams and continuous assessment). An External Examiner (a senior academic from another institution) checks the marking of the answers across a representative sample of examination scripts and assessed work for all modules. This task is to ensure that the standard of degree examinations at Queens is similar to that of universities elsewhere.

All modules marks are presented to the Board of Examiners and carefully discussed before being confirmed as final marks. The Board of Examiners consists of the internal examiners, together with the External Examiner.

Submitting your work

Assessed work can only be submitted to the School Student Office, G02, 24 University Square. You must sign the relevant submission sheet as proof that you have handed in your work.

The official submission day for Accounting modules is Wednesday.

Deadlines must be strictly adhered to and work submitted after the deadline will incur the usual University penalties. You are, however, free to submit your work prior to the official deadline.

General information can be found in the student handbook under 'How is my work assessed' section.