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Reviews and reports

The School is committed to ensuring that the highest teaching quality is provided for all its students. While the degree pathways within the School are subject to external review, you also have an important role to play in maintaining the high standard of our degree pathways.  For this purpose, all teaching by lecturers and tutors is assessed on the basis of a series of evaluation questionnaires administered at the end of every module. In telling us what worked well, as well as raising concerns and making constructive criticisms you assist us in the development of what we aim to do and how we realise our stated objectives.  The input is taken seriously and is highly valued.  However, the School will not tolerate any comments of a personal nature directed at individual staff members.

Student opinion also plays a role in the development of module content and structure.  At the end of your degree pathway you will be asked for your views on the pathway provision, as well as the resources that were available such as the library and IT . All such responses are considered within the School's Module and Pathway review processes.

You will be kept informed of any changes that are made to modules or the overall structure of a degree pathway through the SSCC (Staff/Student Consultative Committee).