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Degree Classification

Your degree will be classified under the following rules: 

Stage 2 (second year) module marks will be weighted at 40%
Stage 3 (third year) will be weighted at 60%. 


The main rule for classification is based on your weighted average percentage score over the twelve modules taken in your second and third year. The classification thresholds for Honours degrees are as follows:

Class                                      Average % mark:

First class                                 70+
Upper second class               60 – 69.9
Lower second-class               50 – 59.9
Third class                                40 – 49.9
Fail                                              below 40

Students whose overall mark is within three percentage points of a higher classification may be eligible to be considered for a higher classification by application of the predominance rule.  The thresholds for eligibility to be considered for a higher degree are as follows:  

           67+      for consideration for First Class

            57+      for consideration for Second Class, First Division

            47+      for consideration for Second Class, Second Division

            37+      for consideration for Third Class

For a higher classification to be awarded under predominance, the following must apply:

(a)   the overall weighted percentage mark must be at or above one of the thresholds set out above; and
(b)   at least half the contributing weighted module marks must be in the higher classification eg. six Stage 2 modules in the higher classification at 40% weighting equals 40 % of the total weighted modules contributing to the overall mark, and is less than half of the weighted modules.   

For example

  1. If you have an average mark of 67% and 6 or more of your module marks are 70% or above, you will be awarded a 1stP with a mark of 67 providing that three or more of the Stage 3 modules are 70% or above.    
  2. If you have an average mark of 67% and 6 or more of your module marks are 70% or above, and only two Stage 3 modules are 70% or above, you will be awarded a 2.1. 

Resits Level 2 and 3
When a module contributing to Honours classification is failed at the first attempt, the maximum mark achievable in that module will, for degree classification purposes, be limited to 40%.   The failed module must be retaken at the next available sitting, normally August of the academic year.  Students may only resit failed element/s of a failed module.  In the case of failed/not submitted CA, students should consult the module co-coordinator to ascertain the CA resit requirement.  All resubmitted CA must be handed in by 12 noon on the first day of the supplementary examination timetable, in August, of the current year.  The original rules for late submission apply. 

In the case of a failed written exam, students are automatically entered for the exam at the next available sitting.  It is the student’s decision as to whether they wish to avail themselves of the resit.  It should be noted that should a student decide NOT to resit the module at the next available sitting they forfeit the opportunity to redeem the fail and it remains on their record as an unredeemed fail.
   Should a student fail a module a second time it is the higher of the two fail marks which forms part of the classification of their degree.

A student may graduate with an Honours degree with a MAXIMUM of TWO unredeemed fails i.e. failing the module a second time on the resit OR deciding not to resit the module at the next available sitting.