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Employer Information

The main purpose of this section is to outline the potential value for employers in supporting key employees, either currently or prospectively occupying a management position within the organisation, in their pursuit of a Queen's MBA qualification.

The Competitive Environment

Increasingly organisations from every sector are exposed to the threats and opportunities presented by the changing environments in which they operate, for example:

  • de-regulation in certain industries (like financial services) opens a flood-gate to new previously unrelated players
  • the internet and e-commerce have served to stimulate competition on a global scale
  • informed, demanding and litigious customers insist upon creative solutions to their problems in real time and ever improving levels of service
  • increasing uncertainty in the external environment exemplified by terrorism and climate change, is having unpredictable effects on international, national and regional economies
  • greater pressure in the public sector to do more with less, resulting in constantly changing demands in the working environment
  • growing pressure on voluntary organisations to generate funding and thereby become less dependent on public support
  • the current world-wide economic recession, which has created unprecedented difficulties and uncertainties. 

In the face of these challenges only organisations equipped to exploit opportunities and overcome threats presented by change in the external environment, are likely to survive and succeed.

The Value of People

One of the most effective competitive strategies an organisation can employ is the recruitment, development and retention of high calibre employees with leadership potential who have the right knowledge, attitudes, skills and competencies to creatively drive their organisations forward.

If at the heart of every organisation lies a focused determination to succeed and a belief in the ability of its staff to drive that success, then the Queen's Executive MBA programme can add significant value to that process by harnessing existing competencies whilst introducing its participants to a wide variety of leading-edge management knowledge and skills in a highly interactive and stimulating setting. 

If your organisation is a proactive supporter of strategic management development then we would encourage you to click on the Queen's MBA programme link to learn more about what the programme offers in terms of content and indeed the level of commitment required from students.If you would like more information, please contact us.