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Professional Associations

Queen's University Management School is keen to add as much value as possible to students' participation in our MBA programme. One aspect of this is the provision of networking and continuing professional development opportunities through our association with bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute and the MBA Association in Ireland.

Chartered Management Institute Membership

The School has established a partnership with the Chartered Management Institute, the leading UK body promoting professional management. This partnership provides a Guaranteed Membership Scheme. This means that all our MBA students are automatically enrolled as associate members of the Chartered Management Institute and they can therefore gain from the wide ranging benefits offered by that body, such as continuing professional development, training opportunities, access to Europe's most comprehensive electronic and paper-based management information resources and the opportunity to network with other managers, to name but a few.

 In addition to their University qualifications, on successful completion of the MBA, graduates will automatically be upgraded to full Member status of the Institute with no further assessment requirement and no need therefore to pay the assessment fee. Member status of the Chartered Management Institute will entitle our graduates to use the letters MCMI after their name. 

Queen's University Management School has also created an arrangement with the Chartered Management Institute whereby graduates may build on their MBA as a means of achieving Chartered Manager status.

The MBA Association in Ireland

Queen's University Management School is affiliated to the MBA Association in Ireland.  The Association's purpose is to facilitate the development of excellence in management amongst its members by providing opportunities for continuous learning, professional development and business networking. The Association's programme of members' events, which generally may also be attended by student members, focuses on updating MBAs' knowledge capital and on providing new perspectives on best practice in management.