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Adding Value to the MBA Experience

At Queen's University Management School we aim to add as much value as possible to the experience of studying for an Executive MBA.  The ways in which we do this include the following:

Personal and Professional Development

Currently we have a partnership with the Chartered Management Institute.  Among other things this allows students to: 

  • Free enrolment as Associate Members of the Institute while studying for the MBA;
  • Upgrade to Full Member status after successful completion of the MBA programme if they so wish, and
  • Use their MBA to achieve Chartered Manager status, if they so wish, after successful completion of the MBA programme.

Towards the end of their first year of study, students are required to attend a 3-day personal/professional development session provided by an appropriate management trainer. This session will incur an additional fee. 

The Queen's University Management School is affiliated to the MBA Association in Ireland which, among other things, organises events especially for MBA students and provides further networking opportunities. Students are entitled to free membership during their time on the Queen's MBA programme.

Study Trip Abroad

Towards the end of their second year of study, our MBA students are required to participate in a study trip abroad, which will normally last 5-6 days.  The main aims of this element of the programme are:-

  • To expose students to international perspectives on the study and practice of management, and
  • To facilitate international networking.

Students are provided with relevant details as far in advance of the trip as possible.  This trip will incur an additional fee.