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Expectations of Students

Teaching Methods

The approach adopted on the MBA programme is 'professional' which means that you are expected to attend, participate, and play an active role in your learning experience. The following points may help:

Contact Time

Students are expected to attend classes, participate in syndicate group discussions and tasks, and give presentations as required. Penalties are imposed for unauthorised absences from classes. Contact time usually comprises formal teaching periods interspersed with, for example, case studies/question and answer sessions/worked examples, and/or time in computer labs. There will also be input from visiting speakers. You will be allocated to groups for the purpose of analysing questions or case problems, working out solutions, and presenting coherent responses. Participation in such activities is not optional as they are an important element of students' learning.

Active Participation

You must involve yourself actively in the learning process, which involves two-way communication between staff and students. It is also important that students learn as much as they can from their peers, who possess a wide range of practical knowledge, skills and experience.