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Executive MBA

Semester 1- 1st Year MBA
MGT9089 Corporate Finance
MGT9093 Marketing Management
MGT9096 Economics for Managers
MGT9086 Human Resource Management

Semester 2 - 1st Year MBA
MGT9081 International Business
MGT9088 Accounting
MGT9098 Organisational Behaviour and Change
MGT9099 Managing Information and Technology

Semester 1- 2nd Year MBA
MGT9087 Leadership
MGT9091 Research Methods
MGT9095 Operations Management
MGT9100 Project & Performance Management

Semester 2- 2nd Year MBA
MGT9080 Strategic Management
MGT9082 New Venture Creation & Entrepeneurial Management
MGT9083 Business Ethics 
MGT9097 Contemporary Issues in Management

MGT9090 Dissertation

Module outlines are available by clicking on the link