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Prospective Students

Queen's MBA students and graduates come from a wide spectrum of sectors and occupy a diverse range of positions.  That being the case it would be misleading to suggest that a "typical" individual exists who is well suited to gaining the MBA qualification.

However, when it comes to attitude and motivation, our students are resolutely like-minded. They epitomise commitment, discipline and a firm determination to succeed.

The best way to illustrate this is to draw upon the experiences of some of our graduates and also to consider some examples of career progression following MBA graduation.  

Success Stories

Queen's MBA graduate, Hilary Patterson, gives her account of how the Programme facilitated her career progression in the banking sector.

MBA graduate, Hilary Patterson

'Upon completion of my MBA in September 2000, I began to look internationally for job opportunities. Until this time, I had worked in the retail banking sector for First Trust Bank, most recently in Business Banking, and previously on the integration project of AIB and TSB, having commenced my career in branch banking.

My international job opportunity presented itself from within the company I was currently working, in the form of a move to New York for a minimum of a three year period. Three months after completion of my MBA, I had moved to Dublin for 6 months training, working in AIB Corporate Banking and acclimatising to the area of Capital Markets and the dynamics of the US market. During this period, I travelled frequently to New York, becoming accustomed to life there very easily!

In October 2001, I moved to New York for a three year secondment! Completion of the Executive MBA programme together with my experience in the financial markets has resulted in my current position as Vice President in the loan syndication market on the buy side for AIB. My responsibility was initially on investment grade companies, together with Operations and Portfolio Management. From the beginning of 2004, I have been given responsibility for establishing the Secondary Trading role for the unit. This involves purchasing assets in the secondary loan market, primarily the leverage market, and also, in conjunction with my continued responsibility for Portfolio Management, actively selling or swapping assets which we currently hold on the book.

The team has grown from a small 5 person team 3 years ago, to a current staff of 41 people, with offices in New York, LA and Dublin. The job has been varied and challenging as a result of becoming accustomed to the dynamics of a new market, and also ensuring that all regulatory and operational issues in the US are being adhered to'.