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QUMS Undergraduate Prize-Giving Photo Gallery 2 July 2012

KPMG Prize. Best Graduate BSc Accounting - Christine Rainey. Presented by John Poole, KPMG. Ernst & Young Prize. Best Student in Auditing - Jamie Irvine. Presented by Ian Gibson, Ernst & Young. KPMG Prize. Graduate with the Highest Performance in BSc Economics - Alan Shannon. Presented by John Poole, KPMG. Barclays Prize. Best Placement Student in Finance Degree 2011 - David Moore. Presented by Graeme McLaughlin, Barclays. Mercer Prize. Best Performing Student in Actuarial Modelling - Rachael Lees.  Presented by Ciara O'Brien, Mercer. Companies of Actuaries Charitable Trust Fund Prize. 2 Best Overall 1st Yr Actuarial Stds 2010.Andrew Bronte & Mariesa Dolan (absent). Presented by Prof McKillop Sir William Crawford Prize. Best Student in Level 2 BSc Business Management - Jessica Buchanan. Presented by Dr Hilary Downey, QUMS. Foundation Scholarship. Best First Year Student in International Business with a Modern Language - Gerard Watters. Presented by Professor Matthias Beck, QUMS.