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Research Strategies

The main research areas are:


·         Governance, performance measurement/management and accounting in not-for-profit organisations, including charities, public sector organisations, social organisations, and credit unions

·         Accounting education

·         Corporate governance and performance measurement (including non-financial performance measurement) in businesses

·         Social responsibility accounting

·         Corporate social reporting

·         Interdisciplinary perspectives on accounting


Research Strengths

Particular strengths within these broad themes include:


·         Accounting and performance measurement in multinational companies

·         Accounting quality and corporate governance

·         Accruals accounting in public sector organisations

·         Critical evaluation of social responsibility frameworks

·         Governance in charities

·         Management changes in the public sector

·         Performance measurement/management in charities

·         Performance measurement/management in public sector organisations

·         Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

·         Short-termism and corporate governance

·         Use of the case study approach in accounting education

·         Critical social theory applications to management and accounting information systems