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Danielle McMahon


Degrees obtained:  BSc Accounting, QUB 2004, MSc Advanced Accounting, UUJ 2005, ACA Chartered Accountants Ireland 2008, Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education and Training, QUB, 2010.

Country of Origin:  Northern Ireland

Research Title and a short description of project:

Under the over-arching title of Performance Reporting in UK Charities, my research to date has included investigating the development of the UK regulations around reporting by charities (primarily the UK Charities Statement of Recommended Practice) and the stakeholders shaping that development. Research is currently ongoing into how the Top 100 charities report on their performance, with a particular focus on how charities report on the impact that they have on individuals and society, and their reporting of efficiency, which is to be followed by an investigation of why they report as they do.