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Salman Ahmad


Degrees obtained: MSc Finance, University of Strathclyde in Glasgow; MBA, University of Peshawar - Pakistan

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Research Title and a short description of project:

The expected title of the research is 'Exploring Governmentality in development of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in the UK'.

Being a student of PhD in Accounting, I had to select an area for research that is popular in academic research, and has got a scope for future research. PFI is one of the popular and major government initiative in the UK, which has attracted substantial academic debate and research. During the course of my literature review, in the first year, I realised that majority of research on PFI is either normative, conceptual or positivist. What is missing is an interpretive approach to understand why and how PFI  emerged, sustained and changed as result of governing activities. The latter is the focus of my PhD, being developed at the moment, and is aimed at understanding the macro agendas and their implementation in the context of UK.