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Tamer Khalil

Degrees obtained: BSc. Accounting, Alexandria University Egypt; MSc Financial Accounting, Alexandria University Egypt, 2006.

Country of Origin: Egypt

Research Title:  "Performance Management in UK Executive Agencies: The Balanced scorecards"

Short description of project:

This research is a case study of performance management practice in UK executive agencies. The focus is on why, how and to what extent the agencies use the Balanced Scorecards approach (BSC) to manage their performance. This study includes 38 semi-structured interviews with senior managers of executive agencies and their parent departments in Northern Ireland. The results of this study are expected to provide evidence to interpret the diffusion of the BSC in Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS). Furthermore, the study provides evidence to understand how the public sector environment influences the design and implementation of multidimensional performance management systems such as the BSC.