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Research Strategies

The main focus of research in Finance is in three sub-areas:

·         Economic and financial institutions

·         Financial markets

·         Not-for-profit financial institutions


Research Strengths

Particular strengths within each of these three areas are as follows:


Economic and financial institutions

·         Corporate governance and law

·         Historical asset pricing

·         The evolution of banking regulation

·         UK equity markets in the 19th and 20th centuries

·         UK financial institutions in the 19th and 20th centuries


Financial markets

·         Capital structure behaviour in UK-quoted firms

·         Demographic change and international capital flows

·         Directors’ share dealings and company performance

·         Equity, bond, foreign exchange and derivative markets

·         Long memory, heterogeneity and trend-chasing in financial prices

·         Price discovery in bond markets


Not-for-profit financial institutions

·         Diversification options for not-for-profit financial institutions

·         Efficiency and performance of not-for-profit financial institutions

·         Networks and co-operation benefits for not-for-profit financial institutions