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Research Strategies

The Management research cluster is the largest in the School. The management research cluster focuses its research on how firms develop new organisational forms and managerial capabilities in an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable international business environment. The management cluster’s research theme is studied from different perspectives and disciplines in four specialised research groups:


·         Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

·         Marketing, Strategy and International Business

·         Public Sector Management

·         Human Resource Management and Workplace Change


Research in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity area is currently concentrated on the analysis of entrepreneurial finance (venture capital, business angels, private equity), the dynamics of innovation processes in small firms, innovation, organisational change and development, regional migration flows and demographic change, clusters, inter-firm relations and business development and the relationship between entrepreneurial business development and regional economic development and policy.


The Marketing, Strategy and International Business group explores how firms gain and sustain competitive advantage in an increasingly international and network-based economy. Research topics include the management of the multinational firm, managing knowledge in international business networks, managing institutional and cultural differences, strategies in emerging and developing economies, international marketing and R&D strategies and experimental business model analytics.


The Public Management group focuses on on-going changes in the procurement of public sector infrastructure and the delivery of public services in a national and international context. A special area of interest of the group centres on public-private partnerships, joint provision and innovation in areas such health, public safety and education. Concomitant with the challenges posed by these changes, the group also has a strong interest in public sector risk management.


The Human Resource Management and Workplace Change research group explores the nature and origins of successful workplace performance. Research within the group covers a range of topics, including social partnership and wage determination, financial systems and workplace innovations, new forms of employment dispute resolution. employee voice and silence in modern workplaces and new models of international human resource management.



Research Strengths

·         Multinational management and international business networks

·         Entrepreneurial finance and innovation

·         Public sector management

·         Marketing strategy and business model analytics

·         Workplace change and organisation development