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Staff Name
 Areas of Expertise
Dr Graham Brownlow     Economic history and institutional economics
Dr Subhadip Chakrabarti   Game theory, operations research, telecommunications policy
Dr Chris Colvin   Business, economic and financial history
Dr Arcangelo Dimico   Political economy, institutional economics, long-run development
Dr Alan Fernihough   Economic history, demography and economic growth 
Dr Ragchaasuren Galindev   Growth theory, business cycles and demographic transition
Dr Chirantan Ganguly   Game theory, communication policy, contracts
Professor Rob Gilles   Game theory, economics of networks and institutions, public goods
Professor Kaddour Hadri   Econometrics, panel data, financial econometrics, primary commodities
Dr Rajnish Kumar   Mechanism design, networks, and game theory
Dr Dunli Li   Entrepreneurship, economic growth, applied econometrics 
Professor Duncan McVicar   Labour economics and economics of social policy
Dr Sergey Popov   Applied microeconomic theory, economics of education
Dr Renee Prendergast   History of economic thought, development economics
Dr Emre Unlu   Game theory and networks
Dr Jong Kook Shin   International financial markets and monetary policy
Dr Anthony Ziegelmeyer   Behavioural economics