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Economics - 2009

MS_WPS_ECO_09_1- A Simple Panel Stationarity Test in the Presence of Cross-Sectional Dependence. By Kaddour Hadri and Eiji Kurozumi.

MS_WPS_ECO_09_2 - Modelling Multivariate  Interest Rates using Time-Varying Copulas and Reducible Non-Linear Stocastic Differential Equation.  By Ruijun Bu, Ludovic Giet, Kaddour Hadri and Michel Lubrano

MS_WPS_ECO_09_3 - Equity Culture.  By Boyd Black

MS_WPS_ECO_09_4- Rent Seeking at Plant Level: An Application of the Card and de la Rica Tenure Test to German Works Councils.  By John T Addison, Paulino Teixeira and Thomas Zwick.

MS_WPS_ECO_09_5  Coalitional Matchings.  By Dinko Dimitrov and Emiliya Lazarova.

MS_WPS_ECO_09_6  - Contracts and Coalition Formation Based On Individual Deviations.  By Emiliya Lazarova, Peter Borm and Bas van Velzen.

MS_WPS_ECO_09_7 - Wage Dispersion in a Partially Unionized Labor Force.  By John T Addison, Ralph W Bailey and W Stanley Siebert.

MS_WPS_ECO_09_8 - Worker Directors: A German Product that Didn't Export?  By John T Addison and Claus Schnabel

MS_WPS_ECO_09_9 - The Extent of Collective Bargaining and Workplace Representation: Transitions between States and their Determinants. A Comparative Analysis of Germany and Great Britain.  By John T Addison, Alex Bryson, Paulino Teixeira, Andre Pahnke and Lutz Bellmann