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Economics - 2010

MS_WPS_ECO_10_1 - Naive Learning and Game Play in a Dual Social Network Framework.  By Rob Gilles and Zhengzheng Pan

MS_WPS_ECO_10_2 - Status-seeking in Coalitional Matching Problems.  By Emiliya Lazarova and Dinko Dimitrov

MS_WPS_ECO_10_3 - Migration, Human Capital Formation and Growth: an Empirical Investigation.  By Corrado Di Maria and Emiliya Lazarova

MS_WPS_ECO_10_4 - Estimating Peer Influences in Teenage Substance Use when Friendship Links are Unobserved.  By Duncan McVicar and Arnold Polanski

MS_WPS_ECO_10_5  Efficiency, Productivity and Environmental Policy: A Case Study of Power Generation in the EU.  By Corrado Di Maria and Jurate Jaraite

MS_WPS_ECO_10_6   Technological Change and the EU ETS: The Case of Ireland.  By Corrado Di Maria, Frank J. Convery and Barry Anderson

MS_WPS_ECO_10_7  What can we Learn from Primary Commodity Prices Series Which is Useful to Policymakers in Resource-Rich Countries?  By Kaddour Hadri

MS_WPS_ECO_10_8  Testing for Stationarity with a Break in Panels Where the Time Dimension is finite.  By Kaddour Hadri, Rolf Larsson and Yao Rao