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Management - 2009

MS_WPS_MAN_09_1  - New Venture Based Learning - An Experiential Pedagogy for High-Growth Entrepreneurship.  By David Gibson, Dr. Jonathan M. Scott  and Aisling Harkin.

MS_WPS_MAN_09_2   - Local Enterprise Agency Loan Funds in the UK - Addressing the Small Firm Finance Gap?  By David Irwin and Dr Jonathan M Scott.

MS_WPS_MAN_09_3   - Board Gender Diversity and Performance in UK Companies.  By Prof Lynn Martin, Dr Jonathan M Scott, Prof Stephen Roper and Dr Izzy Warren-Smith.

MS_WPS_MAN_09_4   - "Enter the Dragoness" - Firm Growth, Finance, Guanxi and Gender in China.  By Dr Jonathan M Scott, Prof Richard T Harrison, Dr Javed Hussain and Cindy Millman 

MS_WPS_MAN_09_5   - Sticking Points and Contingent Outcomes: The Influence of Path Dependence, Regional Preconditions and 'Institutional Mode' on Local Cluster Promotion.  By Dr Mike Crone.

MS_WPS_MAN_09_6   - Practising Local Cluster Initiatives: Insights and Lessons from an Irish Case.  By Dr Mike Crone.

  - Firms and Innovative Conflict Management Systems in Ireland.  By Bill Roche, UCD and Paul Teague.

   - Help or Hindrance?  South Asian Women in the Family Firm.  By Spinder Dhaliwal, Jonathan M Scott and Javed Hussain.

  -  A Real Options Approach to Trade Remedies: A Study of the US Anti-dumping Process.  By Johan Lindeque and Steve McGuire

 - Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Reverse in the UK:  Is there Gender Bias in Access to Finance for South Asian Women Entrepreneurs? By Jonathan Scott, javed Hussain, Harry Matlay and Geoff Whittam

- Experiential Learning, New Venture Creation, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Knowlwdge and Competency in the University Context.  By Jonathan Scott, David Gibson and John Thompson 

- Fitting in or Standing Out? Gender Performances within the Context of the High Technology Business Incubator.  By Maura McAdam, Susan Marlow  

- Line Managers and the Management of Workpalce Conflict: Evidence from Ireland.  By Paul Teague and William K. Roche