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Management - 2010

MS_WPS_MAN_10_1- Do Conflict Management Systems Matter? By Paul Teague and William Roche

MS_WPS_MAN_10_2 - Is ADR Crossing the Atlantic? Servey Evidence from Ireland. By Paul Teague, Deborah Hann and William Roche

MS_WPS_MAN_10_3 - Different Rooms, Different Voices: Double-Breasting, Multi-Channel Representation and the Managerial Agenda. By Niall Cullinane, Jimmy Donaghey, Tony Dunton and Tony Dobbins

MS_WPS_MAN_10_4 - Re-thinking 'Peripherality' in the Context of a Knowledge Intensive, Service-Dominated Economy. By Mike Crone

MS_WPS_MAN_10_5 - Geographical Context and the Emergence of Early Internationalizing Firms: Towards an Inter-disciplinary Conceptualization.  By Mike Crone

MS_WPS_MAN_10_6 - Annual Report on the Business Angel Market in the United Kingdom: 2008/09.  By Richard Harrison and Colin Mason

MS_WPS_MAN_10_7 - Angle Investment Decision Making as a Learning Process.  By Richard Harrison, Colin Mason and Donald Smith