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Employability and Careers

The MSc Computational Finance and Trading will equip students with the cutting-edge quantitative and computational techniques and strategies utilised by leading financial firms. Today, all full service institutional finance firms employ computational finance professionals in their banking and finance operations.

There are also many other boutique firms (such as hedge funds) ranging from 20 or fewer employees to several thousand that specialise in quantitative trading alone. In addition there are many IT software organisations which specialise in the interface between computing and finance that would be very attracted to graduates from this postgraduate degree programme. Consequently after completion of the degree there are a wide variety of roles available for graduates, some of which will suit those with strong mathematical skills who wish to utilise cutting-edge quantitative modelling techniques and work in collaboration with traders to develop bespoke financial products.

Other roles will involve becoming part of a trading team to buy, sell and manage financial assets. In addition, the skills developed as part of this programme will provide an excellent grounding for those wishing to pursue a more generalist careers in finance such as portfolio management.