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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring  

In Queen’s University Management School we have peer mentoring schemes for all new students, run by second and final year students and specific to your degree pathway.

You’ve already been assigned a mentor and will meet them in Welcome Week (look for the blue hoodies!).

The mentors are there in Welcome Week to offer you informal support, to answer or redirect any queries you have, and to run some events to help you get to know other people on your course.

Later in the year, other activities will be driven by yourselves and the mentors, and have included employer visits, academic support and a few social events along the way!


Meet your mentor at your subject-specific induction (see Welcome Week timetable)

Take a quick tour of the campus with your mentor and other students

Mentors will also be available at all School activities in Welcome Week

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 After Welcome Week you'll also have your mentor's personal email address.