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Athena SWAN

The School of Biological Sciences at Queen's has been awarded the prestigious Athena SWAN Gold award in recognition of its outstanding progress in promoting gender equality and addressing the unequal representation of women in science.  It is the first School of Biological Sciences in the UK to achieve this prestigious award, with Queen's becoming one of only three UK universities to hold a Gold departmental award.  More...

What is SWAN?

The Athena SWAN (Scientific Women's Academic Network) is a scheme which recognises good employment practice for women working in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in higher education and research.  Queen's University Belfast, was a founder member of the Athena SWAN Charter.

The School of Biological Sciences is fully committed to the aims of this Charter.

SWAN Committee    

The beliefs underpinning the Charter are:

  • The advancement of science, engineering and technology (SET) is fundamental to quality of life across the globe
  • It is vitally important that women are adequately represented in what has traditionally been, and is still, a male-dominated area
  • Science cannot reach its full potential unless it can benefit from the talents of the whole population

For further information, please visit Athena SWAN.

The School of Biologial Sciences' Self Assessment Team (SAT) members are:

Prof Christine Maggs (Head of School)
Mrs Elizabeth Purdey (School Manager)
Dr Alison Cameron (SAT Coordinator)
Dr Alan Trudget
Dr Moira Dean
Prof Andy Meharg
Dr Brian Green
Dr Catherine McGavigan (Post Doctoral Representative)
Ms Catherine Reavey (Post Graduate Representative)

Athena SWAN Gold department award application   

Athena SWAN Award submission feedback 16 x 16 MS Word icon   

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