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My work concerns molecular aspects of Human Nutrition and Health, focusing specifically on metabolic disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative disease. I investigate metabolites (human and dietary) to answer fundamental biological questions.

The aims are to discover:

  • metabolite (metabolomic) signatures of human disease and human dietary patterns?
  • the nutritive and non-nutritive benefits which can be harnessed from the metabolites and components of our diet?
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Public Health Nutrition


Projects are available for enthusiastic new researchers to investigate:

  • High resolution LC-MS/MS metabolite profiling of novel animal model of ageing and dementia
  • Discovery of novel metabolomic biomarkers indicating risk of delirium or cognitive decline
  • Food and plant bioactives with therapeutic actions in diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease

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Research students

PhD title: “Assessing adherence to the Mediterranean Diet: new tools, biomarkers and associations with healthy ageing."

Name: Mr Gonçalo Rosas da Silva

Years of Study: 2018-2021

Country:  Portugal


PhD title: “Metabolomic profiling of healthy ageing and healthy dietary patterns”

Name: Miss Shirin Macias

Years of Study: 2016-2019

Country: Spain

PhD title: “High-value functional dairy products from low-value whey proteins: proving the concept”

Name: Miss Joanna Shooter

Years of Study: 2016-2019

Country: Northern Ireland

Alumni: where are they now?

Name: Dr Elaine Cowan

PhD title: “Development of obestatin analogues and investigation of their effects on metabolism in obesity and type 2 diabetes”

Years of Study: 2012-2016

Country: Ireland

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Lund. 

Name: Dr Anna Gillespie

PhD title: “Examining the anti-diabetic potential of dairy proteins: effects on enteroendocrine cells”

Years of Study: 2012-2016

Country: Northern Ireland

Current position: Medical Writer, Logicearth

Name: Dr Muhammad Bin Nasaruddin

PhD Title: “Metabolomics methodologies to discover brain metabolite changes and better understand Alzheimer’s disease”

Years of Study: 2013-2017

Country: Malaysia

Current Position: Lecturer, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Name: Dr Norah Althoubaiti

PhD title: “Developing and testing a novel model system for Alzheimer's disease”

Years of Study: 2013-2017

Country: Saudi Arabia

Current position: Researcher, Riyadh University

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