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I work in the field of helminth biology, and more specifically schistosomiasis which is a major human disease of tropical and sub-tropical countries. My research interest’s cover, schistosome calcium homeostasis and drug design, microbiomes and helminths, schistosome induced hepatic disease, and helminth tegumental structure/function. Overall my research agenda and expertise falls under the broad banner of host-parasite interactions, and include the use of transcriptomics, functional genomics and cellular biology.

I have active research collaborations with groups in Australia, USA, Malaysia, China and Thailand. My local research collaborations include the University of Edinburgh, University of Newcastle, Kingston University, Lancaster University and the Sanger Institute.

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I am open to PhD applications from individuals holding or expecting to hold at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in the fields of immunology, biochemistry or parasitology. A strategy for obtaining funding for a PhD is required. Applicants should be interested in helminthology or parasitology with a view to research pathogens of clinical and/or veterinary significance.

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Phd Title: Defining schistosome egg secretions that can modulate hepatic disease

Name: Jack Carson

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Dr Candy Chuah –Senior Lecturer: Malaysian Science University

Dr Patrick Driguez –Postdoctoral Fellow: Sanger Institute

Dr Melissa Burke - Scientific Training Officer: European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)

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