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Dr Sigwart’s research focusses on the evolution of marine biodiversity. Adaptive features, which are relevant to each particular species, shape how they respond to environmental perturbations, in the modern world and in the fossil record. We use tomography to visualise animal adaptations in 3D and understand the world from other organisms' points of view.

Understanding the way animals respond to environmental change, require high resolution data from multiple disciplines. The work in our research group crosses genetics, morphology, anatomy, neurobiology, physiology, computational modelling, and experimental approaches, to understand the drivers for species diversity.

Our group has many strong international links especially in California, USA, and Malaysia.

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Applications are welcome from prospective PhD, MSc, and research interns in either of these two broad areas: we use anatomy and physiology of molluscs and other marine invertebrates, to (1) study the evolution of species diversity, and (2) develop tools that guide sustainable fisheries. 

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Research Students

Phd Title: Genetic approaches to study chitons to answer broad questions about taxonomy

Name: Amy Garbett 

Alumni: Where are they now? 

Dr Lauren Sumner-Rooney – University of Oxford

Dr Nick Carey – Scottish Association for Marine Science

Dr Christine Morrow – National University of Ireland, Galway

Public Outreach

Scientific American

How Brittlestars 'see' without eyes

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Falkland Islands TV

The Chitons of the Falklands

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Julia Sigwart Media Link - The Chitons of the Falklands


Global biodiversity

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What Species Mean

A Guide to Units of Biodiversity

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