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Dr. A. Galkin

Dr. Alexander Galkin
Dr. Alexander Galkin
Lecturer in Biochemistry
PhD Biochemistry, Moscow State University, 2001.


Contact Information
Tel:  +44 (0)28 9097 2166 (Direct line)
Fax:  +44 (0)28 9097 5877
Address: Medical Biology Centre, room 01.442
            School of Biological Sciences
            Queen's University Belfast
            Belfast, BT9 7BL, United Kingdom

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Research Interests: Mitochondria and Ischaemia/Reperfusion 

My main interests are bioenergetics and mitochondrial biochemistry, in particular the behaviour of mitochondrial Complex I in pathological conditions such as hypoxia or ischaemia/reperfusion.  The enzyme is located at an entry point of the electron transport chain and catalyses electron transfer from NADH to ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q).  This large multisubunit membrane enzyme occupies a key position in cell metabolism and energy production and is responsible for oxidation of matrix NADH. Dysfunction of Complex I is involved in pathological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, various encephalomyopathies and the process of aging.  Mitochondrial complex I is a major target during cardiac ischemia/reperfusion. Despite the importance of Complex I for cellular metabolism, little is known about its regulation in vivo.  The mammalian enzyme exists in two conformationally distinct, interconvertible forms - active (A) and dormant, de-active (D), but the physiological role of A/D transition is not understood.  We aim to gain a clearer understanding of the role of A/D transition, the way in which Complex I regulates the response of cells to hypoxia, and how this regulation is influenced by natural effectors including nitric oxide and ROS. Read more...