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The Biochemists' Songbook

The Biochemists' Songbook Harold Baum

This page contains links to MP3 versions of songs from The Biochemists' Songbook published in 1982 by Pergamon Press. These songs was written by Harold Baum who was Professor of Biochemistry and subsequently Head of the School of Life , Basic Medical and Health Sciences at King’s College London, prior to his retirement in 1996 to become Visiting Professor and Professor Emeritus. He is a Honorary Fellows of the Kings College London.

 The Chemiosmoti Theory (Tune: "The Eton Boating Song")

 The Battle Hymn of the Aerobes (Tune: "The Battle Hymn of the Republic") 

 In Praise of E. M. P. (Tune: "The British Grenadiers")

 Waltz Round the Cycle (Tune: "Waltzing Matilda")

 Beta-Oxidation (Tune: "There is a Tavern in the Town")

 Photosynthesis (Tune: "Auld Lang Syne")

 We're Here Because Urea ("The Bold Gendarmes", similar to "The Marine Hymn")  

 The Michaelis Anthem (Tune: "The Red Flag", also known as "Oh Christmas Tree")

These songs were arranged by Peter Shade and recorded by Tidytones Limited. 
Gary Bond, vocal
Brian Barnes, backup vocals
Brian Lemon, piano
Peter Shade keyboard, piano, vibes, flute
Michael Salmons clarinet, saxophone, violin
Alan Ganley, drums
Walter Gajewski, MP3 conversion

The book is still available from here or here

The songs above are relevant to my lectures on Bioenergetics and Mammalian Biochemistry, but there are much more in the web:

Kevin Ahern's Wildly Popular Metabolic Melodies

Musical Chemistry Webpage

Beta-blockers Blues (Unca John's blues band from Finland - in fact very good!) 

Baskervilles Blues Band (leaded by Prof. Bill Rutherford,

Music of protein sequences   

DNA music based on the sequence of alpha chain of hemoglobin

You can create a music from the DNA sequence from the gene of your interest (hear for example human Complex I ND3 subunit) or even order your own DNA song