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PhD graduates from this lab:

Adam Hunniford - Effects of low energy ions on DNA (2006).
Sevvel Pathmanathan - Binding of calmodulin-like proteins to IQGAP (2008).
Maelíosa Mc Crudden - Biochemical analysis of small protease inhibitors (2008).
Emma Barnard - Development new methods to detect protein-protein interactions using GFP (2009)

MPhil graduates from this lab:

David Houston - Binding of clotting factors to membranes
Angelina Madden - Localisation of proteases in blood cells

MPhil and PhD students currently writing up:

Emma Chambers - Determination of the molecular mechanism of the anthelmintic drug triclabendazole
Tony Merrigan - Effects of low energy ions on DNA and its components
Elaine Hamilton - Human IQGAP proteins

Current PhD students:
Tony Merrigan - Effects of low energy ions on DNA and its components.
Elaine Hamilton - Human IQGAP proteins.
Sean Russell - Liver fluke calcium binding proteins as drug targets.
Helena Kristiansson - Protein engineering of sugar kinases.
Thomas McCorvie - Biochemical basis of galactosemia.
Cathy Moore - Liver fluke ion channels.
Video graphic  In this * video, Cathy talks about her project:  wmv  /  mov.

* Requires Windows Media Player (wmv) or Apple QuickTime (mov)

Mark O'Shea - Liver fluke ion channels.
Joy Kavanagh - The effects of antiproton irradiation on biological materials.
Andrew Bell - Biofuels