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* Dawn Kavanagh, MSc student, started 2008 - 'Vocalisations in Prairie dogs in response to threats (Cynomys)'.  (With H. Kunk and R.W. Elwood)

* Nicole Cullen, MSc student, started 2008 - 'General vigilance behaviours of Prairie dogs (Cynomys)'.  (With H. Kunk and R.W. Elwood)

* Alan Harrison, PhD student, started 2006 - 'The spread and impacts of deer'.
(With W.I. Montgomery)

* Gareth Arnott, PhD student, started 2006 - 'An investigation of contest behaviour and its implications for agriculture and animal welfare'.  (With R.W. Elwood)

* Sharon Doake, PhD student, started 2006 - 'The physiological costs of shell quality and its implications on fighting behaviour in Hermit Crabs'.  (with R.W. Elwood)

* Sheila George, PhD student, started 2007 - 'Stress hormones and Mycobacterium bovis in the Eurasian badger' (Meles meles).

* Berit Kostka, PhD student, started 2008 - 'Landscape ecology, density and physiological ecology of the Eurasian badger'.

* Hannah Thomas, PhD student, started 2008 - 'Sexual selection and burrow structure in mole-rats'.  (with N.C. Bennett, P.W. Bateman and R.W. Elwood)

* John Doherty, PhD student, started 2008 - 'Reticulated giraffe: the behavioural and population ecology of a disappearing megaherbivore'.  (with R.W. Elwood)

* Current students

Hannah Thomas, awarded MSc 2007 - 'Ecology of the Cape Dune mole rat (Bathyergus suillus)'.  (With R.W. Elwood an N.C. Bennett)

Laura Moore, awarded MSc 2007 - 'Costs of parasitism in grey squirrels (Sciurus caroliniensis)'.  (With J. Dick)