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*Fay Couceiro;  DENI studentship: sediment-nutrient exchange processes.

*Jonathan Stewart;  DENI studentship: current velocities and seaweed morphology.

*Current students

Gwenaelle Moncoiffe;  PhD. student self-supporting, relating upwelling processes to marine microbial photosynthetic and respiration rates.  Awarded PhD. July 1995.Title: The response of microbial plankton photosynthetic, respiration and growth rates to upwelling processes in the Ria de Vigo (N.W. Spain).

Linda Gilpin;  PhD. student supported by DENI investigating nitrogen uptake by marine phytoplankton.  Awarded PhD. May 1993. Title: Nitrogen uptake and assimilation in coastal and oceanic phytoplankton.

Lucinda Blakiston-Houston;  self supporting PhD student considering nutrient distributions in shelf seas.  Awarded PhD. September 1992. Title: Distribution and dynamics of nutrients on the Scottish north-west shelf region.

Pamela Mulvenna;  PhD. student supported by DARDNI studying the dynamics of urea in coastal waters.  Awarded PhD. April 1992. Title: The influence of sedimentary and macroalgal processes on nitrogenous concentrations in coastal waters, with special reference to urea.

Hugh Harte;  MSc. student, self-supporting, studying the effect of light on diatom cultures.  Awarded MSc. October 1991. Title: Studies on the influences of low photon flux density on growth and photosynthesis by the marine diatom Phaedactylum tricornutum Bohlin.

Philip Boyd;  self-supporting PhD. student considering carbon fluxes in marine mIcrobial ecosystems.  Awarded PhD. September 1990. Title: Carbon fluxes in marine microbial ecosystems.