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Selected Publications

Yakimov, M.M., Lo Cono, V., La Spada, G., Bortoluzzi, G., Messina, E., Smedile, F., Werner, J., Teeling, H., Borghini, M., Ferrer, M., Cray, J.A., Hallsworth, J.E., Golyshin, P.N., Giuliano, L.  Microbial community of seawater-brine interface of the deep-sea brine Lake Kryos as revealed by recovery of mRNA are active below the chaotropicity limit of life.  Environmental Microbiology, (in press) (doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12587).

Stevenson, A. and Hallsworth, J.E.  Water and temperature relations of soil Actinobacteria.  Environmental Microbiology Reports,  (in press) (doi: 10.1111/1758-2229.12199).

Oren, A. and Hallsworth, J.E.  Microbial weeds in hypersaline habitats: the enigma of the weed-like Haloferax mediterranei.  FEMS Microbiology Letters, (in press).

Lievens, B., Hallsworth J.E., Belgacem, Z.B., Pozo, M.I., Stevenson, A., Willems, K.A., Jacquemyn, H. (2014). Microbiology of sugar-rich environments: diversity, ecology, and system constraints.  Environmental Microbiology, (in press) (doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12570).

Wyatt, T.T., van Leeuwen, M.R., Gerwig, G.J., Golovina, E.A., Hoekstra, F.A., Kuenstner, E.J., Palumbo, E.A., Snyder, N.L., Visagie, C., Verkennis, A., Hallsworth, J.E., Kamerling, J.P., Wösten, H.A.B., Dijksterhuis, J. (2014). Functionality and prevalence of trehalose-based oligosaccharides as novel compatible solutes in ascospores of Neosartorya fischeri (Aspergillus fischeri) and other fungi.  Environmental Microbiology, (in press) (doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12558).

Wyatt, T.T., Golovina, E.A., van Leeuwen, M.R., Hallsworth, J.E., Wösten, H.A.B., Dijksterhuis J. (2014). Decreases in bulk water and mannitol and accumulation of trehalose and trehalose-based oligosaccharides define a two-stage maturation process towards extreme stress resistance in ascospores of Neosartorya fischeri (Aspergillus fischeri).  Environmental Microbiology, (in press) (doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12557)

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Borase, H.P., Salunke, B.K., Salunkhe, R.B., Patil, C.D., Hallsworth, J.E., Kim, B.S., Patil, S.V. (2014). Plant extract: A promising biomatrix for ecofriendly controlled synthesis of silver nanoparticles.  Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 173: 1-29.

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