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Nicolas S. M. Chabert (2013)

Dr. Allen Y. Mswaka (2011-2013)

John T. Russell (2010)

Dr. Prashanth Bhaganna (2009-2010)

Dr. Susan Clarke (2008-2010)

Dr. Krzysztof Nowotarski (2007-2010)

Dr. Flavia L. Alves (2004-2005)

Dr. Sandra Rainieri (2000-2001)

Annatjie Hugo (1999-2001)

Graduate Supervision

*Andrew Stevenson PhD (2012-2015)

*Jonathan A. Cray PhD (2011-2014)

*Chirag Desai PhD (2011-2014)

Andrew N. W. Bell PhD (2008-2011)

*Ricardo P. dos Santos PhD (2007-2014)

Dr. James P. Williams PhD (2006-2009)

Dr. Prashanth Bhaganna PhD (2006-2009)

*Current students

Supervision of Undergraduate Research-Project Students

JEH has supervised 26 research projects for BSc Honours-degree students at Queen's University Belfast; nine of whom obtained a 1st Classification, nine obtained a 2,1 Classification, two obtained a 2,2 Classification, and a further six are current students.  The majority of these students are co-authors of published papers (or have articles in preparation) based on their project work in the group, and in some cases lead author (Erin McCammick in Handbook of Hydrocarbon Microbiology 2008; Jason Chin in PNAS 2010; Jonathan Cray in Environmental Microbiology 2013 and Microbial Biotechnology 2013).  JEH has hosted Research Visits by 10 overseas students in recent years and has previously supervised a number of MSc and BSc Honours projects during his time at University of Essex and Heriot-Watt University, and in South Africa and Japan.