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Evolution & Biodiversity

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My group uses next-gen sequencing and bioinformatics to look at the evolution of seaweeds.  We work on three main projects:



1. Sequencing the Ulva genome 


2. Speciation in the brown seaweeds


3. The evolution of heterokont protein kinases

Because heterokonts have evolved complex multicellularity independently to other eukaryotic lineages, and because of my interest in how embryonic polarization directs subsequent development, a particular focus of this Research Topic has been the identification of gene family expansions and losses associated with the evolution, regulation and patterning of complex multicellularity.

Together with Dr Gerard Manning at the Salk Institute in San Diego, I am carrying out an extensive bioinformatic classification and curation of the heterokont protein kinases. Comparisons of protein kinase networks can shed light on how genome evolution has given rise to developmental novelty in this important eukaryotic lineage.