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Selected Publications:

1.         Ray, S., Johnston, R., Campbell, D.C., Nugent, S., McDade, S.S., Waugh, D. and Panov, K.I. (2013) Androgens and estrogens stimulate ribosome biogenesis in prostate and breast cancer cells in receptor dependent manner. Gene, DOI: 10.1016/j.gene.2013.04.018, in press.

2.         Ray, S., Panova, T., Miller, G., Volkov, A., Porter, A.C., Russell, J., Panov, K.I.* and Zomerdijk, J.C.* (2013) Topoisomerase IIalpha promotes activation of RNA polymerase I transcription by facilitating pre-initiation complex formation. Nature communications, 4, 1598.; * - corresponding authors

3.         Andrews, W.J., Panova, T., Normand, C., Gadal, O., Tikhonova, I.G. and Panov, K.I. (2013) Old Drug, New Target: Old drug, new target. Ellipticines selectively inhibit RNA Polymerase I transcription/. J Biol Chem, 288, 4567-4582.

4.         Albert, B., Leger-Silvestre, I., Normand, C., Ostermaier, M.K., Perez-Fernandez, J., Panov, K.I., Zomerdijk, J.C., Schultz, P. and Gadal, O. (2011) RNA polymerase I-specific subunits promote polymerase clustering to enhance the rRNA gene transcription cycle. The Journal of cell biology, 192, 277-293.

5.         McMahon, M., Ayllon, V., Panov, K.I. and O'Connor, R. (2010) Ribosomal 18S RNA processing by the IGF-I-responsive WDR3 protein is integrated with p53 function in cancer cell proliferation. J Biol Chem, 285, 18309-18318.

6.         Birch, J.L., Tan, B.C., Panov, K.I., Panova, T.B., Andersen, J.S., Owen-Hughes, T.A., Russell, J., Lee, S.C. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2009) FACT facilitates chromatin transcription by RNA polymerases I and III. Embo J, 28, 854-865.

7.         Gorski, J.J., Pathak, S., Panov, K., Kasciukovic, T., Panova, T., Russell, J. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2007) A novel TBP-associated factor of SL1 functions in RNA polymerase I transcription. EMBO J, 26, 1560-1568.

8.         Panova, T.B., Panov, K.I., Russell, J. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2006) Casein kinase 2 associates with initiation-competent RNA polymerase I and has multiple roles in ribosomal DNA transcription. Mol Cell Biol, 26, 5957-5968.

9.         Panov, K.I., Panova, T.B., Gadal, O., Nishiyama, K., Saito, T., Russell, J. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2006) RNA polymerase I-specific subunit CAST/hPAF49 has a role in the activation of transcription by upstream binding factor. Mol Cell Biol, 26, 5436-5448.

10.       Panov, K.I., Friedrich, J.K., Russell, J. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2006) UBF activates RNA polymerase I transcription by stimulating promoter escape. EMBO J, 25, 3310-3322.

11.       Friedrich, J.K., Panov, K.I., Cabart, P., Russell, J. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2005) TBP-TAF complex SL1 directs RNA polymerase I pre-initiation complex formation and stabilizes upstream binding factor at the rDNA promoter. J Biol Chem, 280, 29551-29558.

12.       Panov, K.I., Friedrich, J.K. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2001) A step subsequent to preinitiation complex assembly at the ribosomal RNA gene promoter is rate limiting for human RNA polymerase I-dependent transcription. Mol Cell Biol, 21, 2641-2649.

13.       Miller, G.,* Panov, K.I.*, Friedrich, J.K., Trinkle-Mulcahy, L., Lamond, A.I. and Zomerdijk, J.C. (2001) hRRN3 is essential in the SL1-mediated recruitment of RNA Polymerase I to rRNA gene promoters. EMBO J, 20, 1373-1382. * - contributed equally to this work

14.       Ajuh, P., Kuster, B., Panov, K.I., Zomerdijk, J.C., Mann, M. and Lamond, A.I. (2000) Functional analysis of the human CDC5L complex and identification of its components by mass spectrometry. EMBO J, 19, 6569-6581.