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Julia Calderwood

Julia Calderwood, Postgraduate student

BSc Geography, Southampton University 2005

MSc Marine Ecology and Environmental Management, Queen Mary University of London 2007


Contact information

Tel:  +44 (0)28 28230 (Ext. 240)


Room: Queen's University Marine Laboratory, Portaferry - 207


Research Interests

The aim of my research is to produce science-based management strategies to improve the yeilds of mussels produced using benthic cultivation techniques. This involves working alongside mussel producers in Carlingford Lough, conducting large-scale experiments on mussels in the field as well as manipulating mussels in the laboratory to improve our undertstanding of mussel to seed ratios (often 1:1 or less).



Calderwood, J., O’Connor, N.E., & Roberts, D. (2016). Breaking and Entering: Examining the role of stress and aerial exposure in predator-prey relationships between the common shore crab (Carcinus maenas) and cultivated blue mussels (Mytilus edulis). Aquaculture. 252:217-252.

Calderwood, J., O’Connor, N.E., & Roberts, D. (2016). Efficiency of starfish mopping in reducing predation on cultivated benthic mussels (Mytilus edulis Linnaeus). Aquaculture. 452: 88-96.

Calderwood, J., O’Connor, N.E.,  & Roberts, D. (2015). Effects of baited crab pots on cultivated mussel (Mytilus edulis) survival rates. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 72: 1802–1810. 

Calderwood, J., O’Connor, N.E., & Roberts, D. (2015). The effects of transportation stress and barnacle fouling on predation rates of starfish (Asterias rubens) on mussels (Mytilus edulis). Aquaculture. 444: 108-113.

Calderwood, J., O’Connor, N.E., Sigwart, J. & Roberts, D. (2014). Determining optimal duration of seed translocation periods for benthic mussel (Mytilus edulis) cultivation using physiological and behavioural measures of stress. Aquaculture. 434: 288-295.